Wordpress Robot New Release - Special Discount, Ends Soon!

**UPDATE** Coupon code on this page has expired! New one available HERE

Alright Guys and Gals, It's finally here! WordPress Robot Version 1.3 It's better than ever, and there's nothing else like it! Before we get into more detail on the newest version, and where you can get it for a Huge discount of $70 off! Lets start with a reminder of the original features of WP Robot (Wordpress Robot) and why you need it in your online arsenal of tools.(If you are in a rush and just want the discount, scroll to the bottom of the page to find instructions)

Ok, so for those who are unfamiliar with WP Robot, basically it is a very user friendly Plugin designed for Wordpress, which once installed can automatically post Amazon products, Articles, eBay Auctions, Clickbank Ads, Flickr Images, "Yahoo Answers" Q&A's, and Youtube Videos directly to your weblogs! All this is totally hands free, you just find your Niche/keyword enter it into WP Robot along with your Affiliate link if
necessary, select where you want your content to be pulled from, and how often to publish it on your blog, then sit back and watch as your niche blog constantly fills itself with content, including comments on the posts which is pure gold! as it makes your blog look like it has an audience and is lively, you attract more visitors, climb the search engine rankings, and collect your cash $$$ GREAT! (YES It really can be that simple if you use it rite)

Each content source has a separate module of categories which allows you to customize the results to fit into exactly what you want your blog to deliver, plus 3 of the content modules (Amazon, YouTube, and Yahoo Answers) also add in their Reviews, Comments, and Answers as Comments in YOUR Wordpress post as I mentioned above.

The Amazon module posts Product information and then the product reviews are posted as comments, all using your Affiliate links and posted based on your keyword selections. Ebay items are posted the same way with up to 6 Auction listings per post. You can even choose what eBay site to use with your eBay Partner Network Affiliate link. The Article module pulls articles from ArticlesBase.com and posts articles based on your keywords and posted using a template of your choice. The Clickbank module does the same thing, displaying Clickbank Ads based on your keywords. The Yahoo Answers module posts Questions based on your keyword choices and Yahoo Answers category. Then the Answers are posted as comments. Then, the last module is the YouTube module which posts videos based on your keyword selection, then posts all of the comments for that video to your Post as Wordpress comments.

With all of this, you can get an unlimited number of keywords, use them with any module, and then have the Content posted from any Module you want to any categories on your blog you want, along with Tags for each post. Plus, you can choose to have each post submitted as a draft for your approval. This also allows you to edit anything you want and/ or delete content or comments.

Now lets talk about the new features in version 1.3 They are:
  • RSS eBay Auctions

WP Robot 1.3 allows you to create posts containing eBay auction RSS feeds. What that means is: Instead of displaying one set of auctions that expires after a few days, your blog posts will now always show the most recent auctions from eBay on the keywords you choose. The result is simple: More money for you. Since your visitors will always find live auctions when visiting your site they are more likely to buy something and thus your CTR and earnings with the eBay affiliate program will increase.

  • MIX Feature

As the name suggests the new MIX feature allows you to mix content from different modules with each other. By utilizing that you can for example add related thumbnails from Flickr to the article posts WP Robot creates automatically. Or you can include a related eBay auction below each Yahoo Answers post in order to monetize your blog even better. The possibilities are huge. Currently this feature is offered by the ebay and Flickr modules.
  • Bulk Add Keywords

The new Bulk Add Keywords page is meant to speed up the time you need to set up a new automatic weblog with WP Robot. It lets you quickly add a large number of keywords and can also assign random posting intervals to them if you want.

  • More Foreign Language Options

Nearly all modules of WP Robot now have an option to post content in a wide range of foreign languages to your blog, usually including all the most popular ones like Spanish, German and French. This makes it incredibly easy for you to enter new markets with your websites, without the need to speak one word in another language.

Modules that have this feature are the Amazon module, Article module, eBay module, Yahoo Answers module and the Youtube module.

  • New Flickr Image Module

The newly released Flickr Image Module allows you to post images related to any topic from the well known Flickr.com website to your weblog. Thus you can now also create popular image blogs with WP Robot, and that's not all: You can also use the Flickr Module to add good looking and related thumbnails to the other posts WP Robot creates.

  • Better Targetting

With WP Robot 1.3 the targetting of several modules has been drastically improved, which means you will now get less unrelated posts for the keywords you choose in WP Robot.

With these updates, you now have even more flexibility and ease when it comes to quickly creating unique looking content rich sites, which is a stumbling block for many when it comes to content, you just have no idea where to start, or don't want the hassle and waste of time searching everywhere and manually uploading to your site which is an ongoing process, with WP Robot you set and forget. It is also very useful if you already have established blogs, and want to keep your audience happy with regular content, or you feel like a break, just let WP Robot fill in for you while you are away, you can even mix it's content with your own to take some weight off your shoulders, the uses are endless and your imagination is the limit, as long as your site is regularly updated then your audience will keep coming back, and google along with other search engines will see activity which they love, and you will get rewarded even more.

Now as I promised at the beginning of this post, I am going to share with you a way to get WP Robot at a much lower price than everyone else. At the moment my good friend Thomas (The creator) is holding a discount of $40 off for everyone who purchases the "full elite version" which includes all the content modules and all features including unlimited keyword use, plus unlimited websites. The reason Thomas is offering this is because he offers customers the choice to buy individual modules instead of them all, for example you could buy just the amazon and ebay modules if you wanted, but the prices are higher and you're really missing out by not getting the "full elite package" not only because of the extra capabilities, but because he is always adding new modules and features which are free to "full elite package" owners, if that is not enough to help you decide on picking up the full package, then this is where my extra discount offer will (Should!) help you make that decision. After speaking to Thomas, he has agreed to let the first 50 of my referrals get an even bigger discount of $30 so that's $70 off the original price!

If you haven't already got your copy of WP Robot, or have been sitting on the fence trying to decide whether to take the plunge, then now is your chance to get it at a steal, or miss out and regret having to spend an extra $70 Bucks when you finally realise the power of this plugin, but when it's too late, It's your call, I know what I would be doing right now...

To visit the homepage and and have a look around click here. To get the "full elite package" at $70 off, click here, and at the bottom of the page you will see "Buy the full package" in an order box, click "add to cart" then use "SPSPECIAL" (without the quotes) in the "Discount Code" box, click "Update Cart" then you will see a Discount of $70 Bucks! Finish your purchase via Paypal, then start having fun with your new hot tool, and make some Cash!

Hope you enjoyed, and don't delay, the offer will expire! then there is nothing I can do, so don't say I didn't warn you.

All the Best



  1. Thanks James!

    I have been debating buying this for weeks, and was really tempted to get it sooner or later, thanks to this generous $70 off, it was an absolute no-brainer! Got my copy, and already set up my first niche site, amazing!



  2. No problem Sue, Glad you like it, your rite when saying for $70 off it is a no-brainer! An Amazing tool to have.


  3. WP Robot is King!

    Thanks for the discount link and coupon, I used it to get the developers license, I'm a Pro :-)

  4. Hey Allen,

    No problem, the discount is going fast, it's had over 20 uses already! Not suprising really, as this tool is worth every penny and more at the full price, so you guys are getting it at a steal! Have fun with it, I'm sure you will.


  5. i cant use this coupont , isn`t invalid coupon, something wrong ?

  6. Anonymous1/12/09

    Discount's over... BUT, you can now get it for $169... doh!!!

  7. Hi Everyone!

    Check out my latest post for the updated coupon, and details on the latest WP Robot 2.0 release. Exciting stuff!

    @"qurtubhy" - You missed out! Where have you been? Dont worry though, check out the new code I have available.

    @"Anonymous" - Yes you're rite, the new version now costs £169, without my coupon ;-) check out the new post for updates!

    Thanks everyone