WP Robot 2.0 - Wordpress Robot Update : Newest Release + Massive Discount/Coupon Code!

Yes, Wordpress Robot 2.0 is here! and guess what? it's even better than before! Is that possible? Well, apparently so...

I won't keep you here all day and bore you by going over all the previous details, but if you have no idea what WP Robot is, and you want the full specs on it, just check out the previous post I made on it - Wordpress Robot New Release - Special Discount, Ends Soon! That will give you all the details on this beast, and explain why it rocks, but make sure you come back to this post if you want the latest discount coupon code, for a massive $81 off! (bottom of page)

Ok, so what is different in the latest version? Well, first off, let me just say that it still has all the previous modules and features, and is still very simple to use. Infact, it is even easier to use than before, as one of the upgrades included was "Improved Admin Design" which helps you use the plugin more efficiently, by keeping a clear view, this was made from several improvements, and helps alot.

As for the rest of the updates, I will list them all below, as I think it is easier on the eyes for all you folks, and should help you get a better understanding.

Automatic Link Cloaking

In WP Robot 2.0 you now have the option to cloak all your outgoing affiliate links to protect your data and improve your search engine rankings.

Amazon BrowseNode Support

By using Amazon BrowseNodes you can let WP Robot post all products in a specific Amazon category. By doing that you can for example create powerful Amazon affiliate niche shopping sites.

Backdating and Scheduling

When creating bulk amounts of new blog posts, you can now choose to backdate them and start posting at any date of your choice. This allows you to make brand new autoblogs that look like they have been around for a long time already! This is priceless folks! I Hope you understand the power of this.

Humanized Post Times

By adding a random factor to the schedules you set for your keywords/posts the autoblog posts WP Robot creates will look much more natural to your visitors as well as search engine spiders.

New Yahoo News Module

Automatically add the latest news on any topic to your weblog with the new Yahoo News Module which is powered by the official Yahoo News API! Get Tons of visitors to your site with your auto posts created on the latest news.

New RSS Module

The new RSS module can post content from any of the billions of free RSS feeds out there to your weblog on autopilot.

Improved Admin Design

As mentioned above, Several improvements to the WP Robot admin area to help you keep a clear view and use the plugin more efficiently than ever before.

There you go, that's the latest major update made by my good friend Thomas (The creator) He has a passion for this tool, and is always listening to users feedback and suggestions in the support forum (You get access after purchasing) Infact, most of these updates are requests from the users themselves! How's that for support!?

As many of you know from my previous post, Thomas likes to over-deliver when it comes to purchasing his products, so he offers discounts to everyone if they buy the full package with all modules and features together, which in my opinion is an absolute no-brainer! and I explained why in my previous post.

Now with this latest version, the price of the full package has obviously increased slightly, as there are more modules and features now, and the plugin has even more power, BUT, that's not too bad, as Thomas has only gone and increased the discount too, so you can save even more than before!

Originally if you bought the "full-elite-version" you would get a $40 discount that was available to everyone, plus the limited discount available for 50 of my referrals of an extra $30 that made the total discount of $70, which was snapped up rather fast, and I can see that some of you missed out on that one, but I did warn you, didn't I?

If you were one of the those who missed out, no worries as now, if you buy the "full-elite-version" Everyone gets a discount of $51 instead of the previous $40, and also......Yes, you guessed it, I have another limited discount coupon code available for the first 50 of my referrals only, to help make your decision that little bit easier :-)

So that comes to a massive discount of $81! Which again, should make this an absolute no-brainer! Especially if you missed the last offer, and were gutted, now's your second chance! and you know this time that it's for real, so I suggest if the coupon still works, act now.

Ok, so now you need to know where to go, and how to get the discount, let's get to it.

First go Here and scroll to the bottom of the page, you will see "Buy the full package" in an order box, click "add to cart" then use "JAMES50" (without the quotes) in the "Discount Code" box, click "Update Cart" then you will see a Discount of $81 Bucks! Finish your purchase via Paypal, and you're done.

The license is for personal use on unlimited number of your own blogs, so you can use it as much as you like. If you think you will be using WP Robot to make quick sites to Flip/sell then you will need a developers license. You can get that Here and follow the same instructions as above, and use the same coupon code "JAMES50" (without the quotes) and you will recieve $81 off (If you are unsure right now, you can upgrade to a Developers license anytime, and your previous purchase will be deducted).

Once again, this offer will expire, just like the last one, and then there is nothing I can do to help. So don't get left behind, and end up kicking yourself when it's to late! Act now and get your very own Wordpress Robot.

All the best



  1. Nice to see you hooked up a discount for your visitors :)

  2. Hey Tom!

    Thanks for stopping by mate, and yes, I do what I can :-)

    Hope everything is going good over your end!

    Talk soon


  3. Hi James,

    Thanks for the update! I was one of the ones who missed out on the last discount you offered :-(
    And was gutted when I found out. Now I'm joyed I came back here, and found not only a money saver, but a new version 2, double suprise!

    I have my own wordpress robot now lol. So thanks for everything - Sam

  4. Hammid8/1/10

    Thanks for discount, greatly appreciated.

  5. Carlos16/2/10

    Thanks for this oppertunity, coupon worked fine, and now looking forward to using this amazing tool.

    - Peace - Carlos.