At present there is a new version of the well known auto blogging plug-in for Wordpress “Wordpress robot version 3”. This new advancement can now help fellow bloggers to save time and earn more on advertising revenue via their web blogs, simply by aggregating content material from a wide array of sources and posting it to the blog on autopilot (which are found in custom intervals).

Typically, the Wordpress robot version 3 is the largest update this plug-in has witnessed since its release in 2009 July. In fact numerous sections of the previous version were completely rebuilt from scratch. A large section of the added functionality in the recent release had been suggested by customers, many of whom had tested out the software for a couple of months.

The WP Robot 3 new features include several randomization options, in addition to a templating revised system which makes the appearance of created auto posts more unique and flexible. In addition, the new “Campaigns” helped with the structuring and managing of huge number of auto posting keywords.

Lunatic Studios (a small web development organization from Germany, Munich, which specializes in plug-in development and web site automation for the Wordpress platform) had launched this remarkable auto blogging advancement and their mere aim was to make the plug-in simpler and easier to use while at the same time increasing its flexibility. Notably, the feedback they had got indicated that Lunatic Studios had got what they had set out to accomplish, as indicated by the owner of WP Robot Thomas Hoefter. He further implied that it was the customers who had helped immensely with their many ideas and suggestions.

The admin area of this newly updated WP Robot version is also very user friendly. In addition it has a unique and powerful replaced feature which allows users to replace specific phrases in the automatic content with other keywords on your blog site. Basically, the exclude keywords can prevent particular keywords from being displaying on your blog. Other noteworthy features which are inclusive of the WP Robot 3 are a detailed post log, and instant help buttons. If you are interested in viewing the list of changes that have been made to the WP Robot 3, it can be accessed at their web site

Conclusively, bloggers now have the advantage of gaining more income by simply advertising on their web blogs. Blogging has never been this fulfilling and rewarding! This product is by far the largest updated plug-in since mid 2009, and it has added functionalities that were suggested by average customers who have used the products previously and recommended a further update. Thus, the Wordpress robot version 3 is guaranteed to benefit you the customer as it has been created, reintroduced and reinvented to suit your needs particularly. All thanks to the Lunatic Studios, Thomas Hoefter, and the many customers who were responsible for the success of this new plug-in technology. Lunatic Studios have ultimately struck their goal with the Wordpress robot version 3, as today it is the talk of the internet!

Now, lets get to the good stuff... As promised,
the discount. Simply visit the official WP Robot site by CLICKING HERE, and scroll to the bottom of the page where you will see the order button, in a box labelled "Buy the Full Version" Click "add to cart" and the order page will appear. You will notice there is an option to use a "Discount code" this is where you will type in "JAMES50" (without the quotes) to redeem your discount of $81 from the original price! Make sure you click "Update Cart" after entering the code, so the price is reduced before finally paying, and your done! (This is a One-off fee, NO More Bills Ever, Upgrades free for life, Unlimited usage)

There are only 50 of these discount codes available, and then the code will expire. So make sure you get it while you can, as they will go fast!

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  1. Hillary25/5/10

    Awesome! thanks for the discount, I love this robot, it is actually easy to use! YAY :-)

  2. Anonymous25/5/10

    Well happy with this new tool, got to hand it to these guys, they ROCK!

  3. Herbert25/5/10

    This is a great time saver! Like having my own personal assistants, and lots of them, on all kinds of topics... 5 STAR *****